Steve Madden Gets Personal with Customized In-Store Offers

Fashion footwear and accessories retailer Steve Madden will rollout Certona real-time omnichannel personalization technology to deliver integrated, hyper-personalized experiences to its customers as they browse, share and purchase items. Through the use of Certona, the retailer will be able to identify new and specific customer segments to strategically target content by segment.
As shoppers navigate Steve Madden's interactive, digital ecosystem, they will receive targeted content and product recommendations that appeal to their individual tastes. The retailer can setup granular rules within the Certona platform to ensure it is aligning initiatives with customer preferences and activity. With deep testing and reporting capabilities, the platform can provide visibility into how specific campaigns, products and content are resonating with shoppers.
"The Steve Madden shopping experience is focused on connecting customers with the fashion and products they love, in a way that is personal, unique and targeted toward their personalities," said Steve Madden president of e-commerce Mark Friedman. "We see great potential in working with Certona to extend this one of a kind personalization and superior shopping experience to our customers – especially since Certona's unique expertise paves a smooth road to an omnichannel future."
The personalization platform delivers data-driven, one-to-one customer experiences via its patented, predictive, real-time solutions that enable retailers and brands to drive more revenue and engagement across all touchpoints.
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