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Store Systems Study 2007


Ask any VP of store operations in retail and they will have a laundry list of challenges and obstacles that hinder their company from providing consistent and compelling customer service. Many of these challenges are exacerbated by 1) inconsistent staffing quality; and 2) technology solutions not being generally available throughout the chain. Yet year after year our survey results reflect a moderately high number of delayed or cancelled purchases for things planned to improve the situation -- a frustration not lost on these executives. Coming as a surprise to no one then, when we asked what the leading reasons were behind delays in technology implementations, more than 60% of the respondents signaled issues brought about by budget limitations, with the second most common complaint being changing IT priorities at 40%. 

As part of the study this year we asked our readers about the greatest obstacles that limit innovation and efficiency at the store level. Capital constraints at 60% and Insufficient skills or people resources at 45% are the two top obstacles.
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