Strategic Partners Launches New Antimicrobial Tech for Medical Scrubs

Strategic Partners, Inc., a provider of manufacturing and marketing of medical apparel, lab wear, footwear and accessories, announced the launch of its next generation of medical apparel: scrubs, lab wear and accessories protected with CERTAINTY antimicrobial technology.

On a daily basis, many healthcare professionals are exposed to unwanted bacteria on their clothing. CERTAINTY antimicrobial technology can provide more fabric protection than traditional scrubs, giving healthcare professionals the freedom to perform their duties in comfortable, fashion-inspired clothing.

"We are delighted to have created the next generation of medical apparel using leading antimicrobial ingredient technologies," said Michael Singer, CEO of Strategic Partners, Inc. "The technologies in CERTAINTY will help reduce, inhibit and minimize the growth of bacteria on garments, contributing to peace of mind for healthcare workers."

According to a recent study conducted by Strategic Partners, 70 percent of healthcare workers are concerned or extremely concerned about bacteria on their clothing.

An antimicrobial technology in CERTAINTY is activated in the presence of undesirable bacteria. When the undesirable bacteria come into contact with CERTAINTY-treated fabrics, the growth of the bacteria is disrupted and the bacteria are continually reduced. Additionally, the treated fabrics help ensure that the garment will remain free of unpleasant odors, decay and discoloration resulting from bacteria exposure.

Strategic Partners is well-positioned to bring the effective antimicrobial technology of CERTAINTY to medical professionals in a number of options, including a wide range of fabrications, styles and colors. For the first time, healthcare workers can find this protection in several brands of medical apparel - Cherokee®, Dickies® and the new Code Happy™ uniforms.

In fall 2015, Strategic Partners will introduce CERTAINTY PLUS™, apparel which will include both antimicrobial and fluid barrier technologies.

Among several key ingredient providers, Strategic Partners has worked with Dow Chemical Company to successfully incorporate its SILVADUR™ technology into the CERTAINTY-treated fabrics.
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