Stride Rite Spring Collection Gets Anti-Stink Protection

Genius Brands International, Inc. (GBI) and its wholly owned subsidiary A Squared Entertainment, the licensing agent for micro-encapsulation company CelessenceTM Technologies, have finalized a new national licensing agreement with Wolverine Worldwide and its Stride Rite children's shoes brand, which will utilize Celessence's breakthrough fragrance technology to provide a fresh, long-lasting solution to children's shoe odors.

The new line of Celessence fresh-scent infused Stride Rite children's footwear will be presented as "anti-stink" technology and will debut as part of the company's spring 2016 Made 2 Play sandal collection, available in retail and specialty stores nationwide.

"Stride Rite products are 'Built for Childhood.' We're always looking for innovative ways to blend style and substance. Celessence will allow us to offer yet another solution for mom.  By adding tiny Celessence micro-capsules to our linings, sandals will stay fresh smelling through an entire summer of play," says Gillian Meek, vice president of product and brand.

"Our technology is activated through touch, friction or motion. So when Stride Rite approached us about partnering to eliminate odor in kids shoes, we knew that Celessence would deliver fantastic results. As kids run and play, the pressure of each step provides a burst of freshness that eliminates odors and prevents smells," explained Shibani Mohindra, managing director, Celessence Technologies.

"With the breakthrough technology offered by Celessence, Stride Rite can now offer parents an affordable and long-lasting solution, and now through this technology, the harder kids play, the fresher their shoes will smell. A fantastic solution to a real problem," says Stone Newman, president, global consumer products, GBI. 

As recently announced, GBI also finalized new global licensing agreements on behalf of Celessence Technologies with Build A Bear Workshop and a North American licensing deal for the company with Kittrich Corporation.

Celessence™ Technologies* microencapsulation technology uses touch, friction or motion to release and deliver the benefits of scent, freshness or skincare actives. Microcapsules are bound to a surface with a proprietary binder that ensures controlled release that is long lasting, affordable and even wash durable.  In many cases, the benefit release can last the life of the product. This represents a significant point of difference to past efforts to apply scent or actives to textiles. Celessence technology can be used in a wide range of merchandise ranging from clothing, home goods and lingerie to more durable materials such as car mats and pet products.
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