Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu Unveil SPARC Enterprise Servers

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Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu Unveil SPARC Enterprise Servers

Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu Limited offer an enhanced line of SPARC Enterprise servers - M4000, M5000, M8000 and M9000. Based on the quad-core SPARC64 VII processor and the Solaris(TM) Operating System (OS), the new SPARC Enterprise servers are designed for mission-critical enterprise applications including large-scale databases, BIDW, ERP and CRM. The new processor also is available as an option for upgrades in existing SPARC Enterprise servers.

New Servers Provide Scalability and Virtualization

These SPARC Enterprise servers mix SPARC64 VI and VII processors in a single domain, which help enable retailers to increase performance - without downtime and without requiring other hardware changes. Customers also can minimize upgrade costs by using the new SPARC64 VII option in current SPARC Enterprise servers.
With the addition of the new quad-core SPARC64 VII processor, the SPARC Enterprise servers also offer scalability in a single symmetric multi-processor system (SMP) system - from 16 to 256 cores. The SPARC64 VII processor also delivers the RAS functions of SPARC64 VI, including hardware instruction retry, dynamic degradation and parity-protected processor registers, to maintain the levels of performance and reliability needed in mission-critical systems.

The new processor consumes 44 percent less energy per core than the SPARC64 VI chip, enabling customers to consolidate and minimize energy consumption. Leveraging built-in hardware partitioning features and Solaris Containers, the new SPARC Enterprise servers form an ultra-high density environment that provides virtualization capabilities. As a result, customers can increase system utilization by supporting larger application workloads and services on their existing infrastructure, while controlling operating costs and reducing environmental impact.