Supply Chain and Merchandising

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Supply Chain and Merchandising

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about the Supply Network and Merchandising, including marketing, fulfillment, enterprise resource management, order management, inventory management, and more.

Best Buy Soars Into the Holidays

Best Buy has plenty of reason for cheer this holiday season. Find out how its ongoing fulfillment and website and mobile app improvements are helping the retailer succeed as it enters the holiday rush.

Kroger Begins Dark Kitchen Food Delivery

Kroger is pressing into hot food delivery through “dark kitchens.” Take a look at how Kroger Delivery Kitchen will deliver meals on-demand without service or delivery fees.

Walmart Canada's blockchain-based freight and payment network establishes collaboration with 70 third-party trucking companies that transport inventory for Walmart Canada nationally, making it the first enterprise full production blockchain solution launched at a large scale for a mission-critical function.

IKEA is on a mission to become a circular business by 2030. Find out how its minority investment in Optoro is advancing the company's commitment to creating a more circular economy.

Creating a culture around the customer and their needs has become a roadmap to success for retail stores in an age where online shopping provides shoppers an easier alternative to trekking outside. To update and inspire you, RIS takes a vivid look at the most fascinating customer-centric stores of 2019 and the next-gen tech they spotlight. If you want to remain relevant in 2020, don’t miss this.

Nordstrom has been giving customers greater inventory selection and faster delivery without increasing inventory levels, while engaging customers by offering express services. Now the retailer says it will accelerate this market strategy to its remaining top 10 markets and open more Nordstrom local service hubs in Los Angeles and New York. Find out how Nordstrom is turning its business model around in 2020.

Target reported a remarkable third quarter of 2019 and has plenty of reasons to be confident this holiday season, from its stores driving growth, to its accelerating digital channels. Here we examine ten ways Target is leading the retail rebound.

The online giant has announced plans to build a one-million-square-foot fulfillment center and onboard 500 new full-time workers. See where Amazon is planning to break ground.

The two-level, 8,400 square foot flagship in the heart of NYC features a next-gen store design and experiential features. Learn the details and check out this sneak peek of the retailer’s largest store in the NY metro area.

Digital supply chain, digital customer experience, product experience, and real-time marketing capabilities are reframing commerce management for the digital age. The arrival of Experience Lifecycle Management will put enhanced profit levers into the hands of the apparel merchant and category manager.

Amazon may have killed off the Dash buttons, but it’s found another use for the tech. Find out how the retail giant it looking to help businesses modernize their back offices and breakrooms.

The discount retailer is making a major change to its business strategy that is at odds with its core value proposition. Find out what major shake up the retailer has on tap.

A little over a year after CEO Jill Soltau took the reins of JCPenney, the retailer is still struggling to implement a turnaround. Hear the retailer’s plans for visual merchandising and e-commerce improvements as 2020 looms ahead.

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