A Sustainable Breakthrough: Intradeco Apparel Produces Nitrogen Plant Fertilizer from Water Treatment Facility

Intradeco Apparel a Miami, FL-headquartered vertical manufacturer of men's, women's and children's clothes  that has claimed numerous energy efficient programs under its corporate sustainability objectives, announced another recent success through its Inmobilaria Apopa (Inmo) subsidiary in El Salvador: The Inmo division developed a process which produces nitrogen-rich plant fertilizer from its water treatment facility.

The recycling process was developed at Inmo's water treatment facility. The water recycling process takes the water which has been used in the fabric dying process, and puts it through several tanks with bacteria cultures that restore the water. Once this water is clean it is recycled back into Inmo's dye houses. This process revives the natural consistency and color of the water and makes it safe for other uses.

The mud like byproduct which comes out of this process is tested and shows many of the same traits as expensive flower fertilizer. To avoid wasting the organic residue of the cleaning process, as well as other cotton waste from the dye house, the byproduct is collected and mixed with organic cotton waste (such as seed waste and lint). This mixture is later sent to test on different farms where the results show that it is more effective than the current fertilizers being used.

Over the past six months, according to Intradeco, 100 percent of the byproduct from Inmo's water treatment plant has been converted to fertilizer. Intradeco says this marks the first time an apparel manufacturer's water treatment facility has implemented such a process.

Intradeco Apparel supplies retailers with thermal underwear, performance activewear using recycled polyester, yoga wear, licensed products and organic cotton casual wear. Along with its Miami headquarters and distribution center the company has manufacturing facilities in El Salvador and Nicaragua, and sales offices in New York City, Miami and Bentonville, Arkansas.

Intradeco claims business partnerships with retailers who are among the largest in the world, including Wal-Mart, Sears, K-Mart, Target and JCPenney.
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