Talking Tech Webinar Series


Consumer goods and retail insiders provide a behind the curtain look at the technology setting the pace for change across the industry today. This webinar series explores the solutions your company needs to drive growth in an increasingly competitive and ever-shifting marketplace.

How VARI IS AdaptING to a Digital-First World

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The retail industry looks nothing like it did at the start of the year. The onset of COVID-19 forced retailers to pivot their businesses to digital channels in a matter of months. With no end in sight, retailers must embrace and adapt to the “new” normal as it becomes just the normal. Join this webinar where you’ll hear:

  • Insights on industry trends and changes in consumer behavior
  • How Vari, a workspace innovation company, is creating superior digital experiences across commerce, marketing, and service
  • Next steps to help you achieve your digital transformation goals

Alex Drinker, Global Head of Retail Industry GTM, Salesforce
Jason Belote, Senior Director of Technology, Vari


Insights: Global Consumer Goods Leaders on the Battle for B2B and B2C Relationships

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Consumer goods (CG) companies are facing accelerated disruption. The traditional CG landscape of physical shelf space and shopping carts will never be the same. Consumers have total control of where and how they buy, along with access to products and fulfillment options like never before.

The best CG brands are optimizing for what's next. In this webinar, learn how CG brands remain relevant, competitive, and future-proof. We'll dive into the present and forthcoming state of consumer goods, uncovering:

  • Why digital transformation is an urgent imperative
  • What leaders must do to build a more effective business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships
  • How leaders can evolve and optimize for the future


Case Studies: How Calavo and FoodStuffs Modernized their Value Chain

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Industry insiders discuss how two leading CPG brands accelerated growth by modernizing the value chain during COVID while much of the industry struggled to steady disrupted sales motions and in field execution. International consumer goods company Calavo Growers, known for the finest avocados in the world, empowered their sales teams to track and grow their sales pipeline with digital tools giving all stakeholders a clear view of the business and the best next action. The New Zealand food cooperative, FoodStuffs, knew it was time to grow their reach yet wanted to ensure a personalized, seamless experience. By launching digital storefronts, they increased new users by nearly 300% and sales by 15%.

You don’t want to miss this behind-the-curtain look at how these brands were able to accelerate growth, even in times of disruption.

How Consumer Goods Cloud Drives Agility Across Retail Execution

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95% of fast-moving consumer goods products are sold in traditional retail channels. While CG companies have spent decades optimizing distribution, the current disruption across the globe has made it more challenging than ever to deliver for both customers and consumers. What is the key to delivering flawless retail execution in today’s world? Agility. The consumer goods companies who have embraced agility with digital solutions have fared better and are poised for strong business continuity.

In this session, hear how consumer goods companies keep goods flowing to the stores that need it most and how Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud can help you achieve agility across the value chain.


Under Armour Builds Fast Headless Commerce Experiences with Salesforce and Mobify

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In this webinar, hear a case study from Under Armour on how they've built new innovation on the Salesforce commerce platform with a fast time-to-market alongside partner Mobify. Attendees will learn how to execute on their digital commerce strategy, how to work with IT counterparts to enable headless commerce, and about the new Salesforce and Mobify tools that make launching a headless commerce strategy a reality.


A "Next Normal" Imperative in Consumer Goods: Direct to Consumer

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As the world begins to reopen, employees will return to work and retail outlets will become more available, however there will be changes to consumer behavior from COVID that are lasting. One of those changes will likely be continued growth in digital buying of everyday goods due to safety and convenience factors. Pre-COVID, 99 percent of CG leaders were investing in a Direct to Consumer strategy, and it is now more important than ever. Hear from David Wish, Senior Vice President, eCommerce at KIND Snacks on how you can build trust and increase engagement with consumers by creating a direct relationship.


How Consumers Are Changing in Response to Covid-19: Insights from Over a Billion Shoppers

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This webinar will explore how the current global pandemic is shaping consumer behavior across the world, utilizing Salesforce’s proprietary Shopping Index data. Analyzing the shopping of over a billion global shoppers, we will discuss how shoppers are changing their digital habits, from spending patterns, emerging product categories, and how individual metro areas are responding to their new normal.