Tapestry’s New Las Vegas Fulfillment Center to Tap Robotics

Liz Dominguez
Managing Editor
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Tapestry, parent company to brands like Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman, is tapping into robotics-powered automation in a new state-of-the-art fulfillment center in Las Vegas. 

The company is overhauling supply chain operations, using robots in its material handling process to expedite order fulfillment and reduce manual stress.

Joseph Gillespie, senior director of engineering and facilities for Tapestry’s North America fulfillment centers, shared with CGT details about the latest advancements in technology within fulfillment.

“We’re leveraging an automated robotics module of 50,000 bins, holding approximately 500,000 units. It entails 75 robots that put the bins within the module and deliver them to the port where workers fill the orders,” said Gillespie.

Compared to more traditional processes, such as pick to cart, which is more labor-intensive because of travel, he said, “we can fulfill customers’ orders much more efficiently.”

The fulfillment center is expected to add more than 400 full-time jobs by 2029, and the expanded capability will help to better serve West Coast customers. 

The company stated the North Las Vegas facility will enable Tapestry to sustain multi-brand fulfillment, introducing more efficiencies and sustainable practices as it looks to meet the needs of customers. 

Tapestry expects the facility to distribute an annual 22.2 million units and hold 4 million units in inventory across both retail and e-commerce and decrease delivery windows from 5-7 days down to 2-3 days.

Gillespie said the company is looking at this initiative with growth in mind, as the technology implementation doesn’t lock Tapestry into a particular format — it can flex around future needs.

“As we think about our other sites, become pressed for space, and look to optimize, this technology is integral to that. It's a good solution across footwear, hand bags, and accessories,” said Gillespie. 

“It's a scalable, flexible solution, which could be applied to and benefit other sites within our network. It's very modular,” he added. “You can build what you need and add more later. It allows for flexibility and scalability to support the growth of our business and changes to our product types.”

In a statement, Tapestry’s CEO Joanne Crevoiserat said the cutting-edge technology will create new opportunities for team members and strengthen the company’s omni-channel capabilities.

Tapestry’s SVP of global fulfillment and logistics Ken Sanders said, “The new North Las Vegas Fulfillment Center is a testament to our continuous growth as a company, and something we couldn’t have done without the ongoing support of our exceptional workforce. Our people have been critical to making this center a reality, and we are excited to continue our collaboration with our local partners and the broader community leveraging this new facility.”

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