Target Focuses Marketing on Ominichannel Offerings

As Target's continues to rebound from last year's data breach and subsequent public relations nightmare, the brand has embarked on a fresh marketing campaign that focuses on its omnichannel initiatives.

A series of television advertisements both fun and serious are designed to expand the brand's perception from simply a brick-and-mortar store to a retail experience. One spot spoofs the popular 80s movie Say Anything, while another focuses on Target's philanthropic initiatives.

"We know that while guests, including Millennials, love Target and our stores many don't think of Target as a go-to digital destination," Janet Roller, group manager, marketing said. "We want our guests to know that Target has digital solutions that fit the needs and pace of their lives."

The campaign features three of Target's solutions-focused initiatives: subscriptions, store pickup and Cartwheel, the retailer's savings club. “Through robust guest research, our guests identified these three among the top solutions that help them save time, save money and stay organized,” Roller said.

In addition to the TV spots, guests can better understand how to use subscriptions and store pick up through educational videos available at and Cartwheel was featured in this introduction video when the program launched last May.

Over the next few months the campaign will expand to include in-store marketing, and will promote the brand's new quick-trip store format, TargetExpress.
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