Target Offers Curbside with UberRUSH

Curbside, a mobile app that allows customers to shop multiple retailers from one location, has partnered with Uber and their UberRUSH service. Curbside with UberRUSH works by users shopping on and then selecting the UberRUSH delivery option – currently available in San Francisco, Chicago and New York City – at checkout. They will then get a delivery window based on their distance to the nearest store. Then, a courier from UberRUSH will pick up the order and bring it to the shopper.  The Curbside partnership with UberRUSH is available at select Target locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and New York.

For retailers, the handoff through UberRUSH decreases the time to fulfill customers’ orders and reduces overhead costs. Curbside’s retail technology already enables a world-class Curbside pickup option, but now it also connects retailers to same-day delivery via UberRUSH. Combining Curbside technology with UberRUSH connects local stores to the next generation of mobile commerce, enabling brick and mortar retailers to meet customers where and when it’s most convenient for them.

The Curbside service is free, the app is free, and the company does not markup store prices. It was designed for the mall-goer sick of battling the parking wars, finding items on store shelves and waiting in never-ending checkout lines.
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