Target Uncovers Sales Trends with Shopper Insights Tool

Target deploys the Shopper Insights solution from DemandTec to break down sales trends by penetration and buy-rate, shopping trip statistics, shopper segment. Target uses the solution to make more localized merchandising and marketing decisions that improve the relevance and value of Target's offerings for their guests.

As part of DemandTec's nextGEN strategy, DemandTec Shopper Insights includes Shopper Insight-on-DemandTec, a software service that provides retailers with guest insight dashboards and insights embedded directly within the planning workflows of DemandTec's other software services. Target and its trading partners also can identify new opportunities to reach specific guest segments with more tailored assortments, promotions, and pricing.

"DemandTec has been a strategic partner of Target and we value their industry expertise and innovative solutions. We look forward to expanding our relationship into shopper insights and additional nextGEN capabilities," said Shelley Hyytinen, Vice President of Merchandising Process and System Development, Target.

Target began working with DemandTec in 2007 and has now extended its subscription to software services included in DemandTec Lifecycle Price Optimization, DemandTec Assortment & Space, and DemandTec End-to-End Promotion Management. In addition to the guest insights and vendor collaboration provided by the Shopper Insight-on-DemandTec software service, DemandTec Shopper Insights also includes DemandTec's nextGEN modeling services, which helps enable Target to understand and influence the impact of merchandising decisions at the guest segment level.
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