Targeted Analytics and CRM Drive Engagement

Using customer insights to drive execution, Symphony EYC has released the Engage platform for next generation targeting analytics and loyalty campaign management. The Engage platform will reduce campaign complexity, automate functions around campaign execution and increase the accuracy required to design and develop segmentation and targeting of the most valuable customers. The platform helps retailers to engage the right customers at home, in-store, at the checkout or on-the-go. With purchase history, preferences and interests centralized, the platform delivers a way to improve customer retention, increase frequency of purchase and ensure a single view of the retailer for each customer.
The Symphony EYC Engage offering includes:
  • Targeting Analytics: Software tools help better understand and group customers for tighter segmentation and more effective offers
  • Configurable Customer Information Management: Flexible, customizable tools manage any customer information deemed important so that any or all information can be used for targeting
  • Real-time of Asynchronous Transaction Processing and Analysis: All analysis, promotions and loyalty rewards can be offered in real-time at any customer touchpoint, providing a seamless and uniform omnichannel customer experience
  • Broadening the Loyalty Experience through Omnichannel: Beyond checkout-only or mailed loyalty rewards, Engage allows retailers to connect with the customer at any time through any communication channel, even while they are shopping.
  • Reporting, Analytics, Visualization and Actioning Tools: Understand what is happening with customers, product, categories, brands and stores, but also deliver visualizations coupled with tools to act on these insights in real-time.
The platform was created to combine analytics with process management tools, providing a new generation of software solutions that drive customer insights to execution and a powerful thread through the retailer's entire front- and back-office operations to drive true customer-centricity.
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