[TC]2 Debuts Advanced 3D/4D Body Scanner

[TC]2 announces general availability of the TC2-19, advanced 3D/4D body scanning and measurement technology.

The TC2-19 provides the option of using a touch screen inside the scanner booth which allows users to "self-scan" by following on-screen instructions. The "self-scan mode" is ideal for use with the iStylingTM Full Retail Solution that provides for greater fit accuracy, styling advice, and garment customization. The body scanner interfaces with multiple CAD technologies and avatar engines.
While capturing the accurate body measurements that [TC]2 3D body scanners are well- known for today, the TC2-19 offers a "quick scan" option (2 seconds), 360-degree 3D body scanning and rapid processing speeds (17 seconds). The newly developed 4D mode enables 3D movement visualization inside the scanner.

"The combination of speed, accuracy, and stability enabled by software and hardware advancements make this the most advanced 3D/4D body scanner ever built", said Dr. Mike Fralix, CEO of [TC]2. "We are excited that our existing retail customers and major brands now have a scalable solution that can easily and cost effectively roll out to multiple locations."

The [TC]2 body scanner captures thousands of body measurements used by the fashion, medical, and fitness industries to make custom garments, predict customer sizing, benchmark fitness goals, and augment surgical processes. The scanner fits in a space the size of the average retail dressing room and features a booth for privacy. The TC2- 19 comes with a lifetime scanner software license and PC.
The TC2-19 can be viewed  at the [TC]2 National Apparel Technology Center in Cary, N.C.
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