Tealeaf Introduces Customer Behavior Analysis Product

For the third consecutive year, the results of a survey conducted by Harris Interactive revealed that nearly nine out of 10 consumers conducting transactions online have experienced problems. These issues incur additional costs and often result in lost business.

For example, according to the survey, 42 percent of those who experienced problems switched to a competitor or abandoned the transaction entirely, while another 53 percent of those who experienced problems contact customer service, but nearly half (49 percent) will not have resolution. Of these customers, 52 percent subsequently stopped doing business with the company entirely as a result.

With statistics such as these, companies are taking notice and prioritizing customer experience. Accordingly, Tealeaf, provider of online customer experience management (CEM), has launched Tealeaf cxResults, which it says is a first-of-its-kind product that changes the way organizations are able to analyze the business impact of the customer experience.

Tealeaf's cxResults enables decision makers to understand complete customer behavior patterns across multiple online visits, discover patterns of behavior indicating any unusual experiences and provide sophisticated analytics to refine and answer questions about website experiences and associated business impacts.

With its enhanced search capabilities, users can, for example, uncover anticipated and unanticipated behavior, such as:
- Sequence of events: Show all visitors who saw the error message, "We're sorry," but still purchased something later in the same visit or in a follow-up visit.
- The absence of events: Show all visitors who searched for something but who never added an item to their shopping cart. 
- The number of occurrences: Show all visitors who tried to register three times but still were never able to sign in.

By improving the customer experience, Tealeaf reports, companies are able to maximize customer satisfaction, effectively support and service customers through the cost-effective web channel and grow overall revenue.

The company also has announced updates to its core Tealeaf CX datastore as well as a new version of Tealeaf cxConnect, featuring integrations with many third-party tools. The company also published experience-based website optimization best practices and announced the launch of the viaTealeaf Partner Network, which is designed to provide ebusinesses with a powerful, integrated ecosystem of website optimization resources by combining Tealeaf's online customer experience management solutions with best-of-breed technology solutions, such as web analytics, voice of the customer and multi-variate testing, and complementing these solutions with access to services from leading ebusiness consultancies.

Charter members of the viaTealeaf Partner Network include 12 leading technology providers and consultancies, including Interwoven, Omniture, SiteSpect, WebTrends, Foresee Results, OpinionLab, Aleri, Coral8, SAS, Semphonic, Siteworx Inc. and Stratigent.

for more information: www.tealeaf.com
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