Tech Consultants Say Retail Investment Focused on the Digital Consumer

In what might be considered a good sign for the health of the retail industry, the global technology consulting firm Infosys said their retail business is growing strongly. During a recent conference call discussing the company's quarterly financial results, executives discussed what they are seeing in terms of retail investment.

"In terms of spend, we are seeing a significant portion…focused on the front-end applications, which include the digital consumer," said B.G. Srinivas, senior vice president, manufacturing, product engineering, product lifecycle and engineering solutions. The company's expertise in retail includes digital marketing and multi-channel commerce.

"On the CPG front, we are seeing investments which are more focused on simplification of process, which typically are package-enabled transformation, and that's an area where again we have had significant large deal wins in the last six months," said Srinivas, adding "We continue to see traction across retail CPG going forward in the near-term to medium-term; we are seeing traction growth cross-selling services, at the same time the transformation programs are ramping up, both in Europe as well as the U.S."
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