Tech Transformation Podcast: Athletic Brewing Company’s Jamie Lissette On Consumer Insights & Innovation

No- and low-alcohol beverages have been a standout category, with sales growing more than 7% last year, according to IWSR. Here we talk with Jamie Lissette, COO of Athletic Brewing Company, a growing brand that’s really seizing this opportunity. 

We’re talking not only about their growth strategy and how they decide which markets to enter, but also how they leverage consumer insights from their dedicated DTC base and about some of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to the non-alcoholic category. 

Listen to learn: 

  • The backstory on Athletic, including their target customer (it may not be who you think) 
  • The biggest misconception about the brand and the category
  • How they determine the markets for expansion
  • The role of their culture when it comes to remaining nimble while scaling for growth
  • How they keep teams focused on long-term goals without getting bogged down by everyday tasks
  • How they leverage analytics and use it to inform decision making
  • How they use consumer insights to develop new products and how they share this info with their retail partners 
  • Where social commerce fits into their e-commerce strategy and how it’s evolving 


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On sharing insights with their retail partners: “We share a lot of insights about the category just as much as Athletic. …  It's hard for them to figure out who's buying our product out there in the market. Unless they have loyalty cards and things like that, and then they can get that sort of data, but we get it 45,000 times a month, right? So we can tell them, ‘Beer is historically 90/10% male/female. The customer who's going to be buying this is very close to 51/49% male/female. So [that's] going to change the way that they think about the consumer for this product, and that's going to help us sell more, and it's going to help them sell more correctly to that consumer.”  

How retailers leverage this feedback: “When you're designing a set for a retailer, it's not just, ‘Hey, here's our products, this is all you should have, right?’ We're saying, ‘In our perfect scenario, you've got this product on the far left of your set, and you've got this product on the far right, and you've got three or four of our products in between. And that's the perfect set, and here's the data as to why that's a perfect set.’ … We know that IPAs, for example, are our best selling non-alc product. It’s also the best selling alc product, and we can cross-reference that to help them make decisions on who and what they should be buying.”

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