Tech Transformation Podcast: K18 CEO Suveen Sahib On Social Commerce Strategies


In this episode of Tech Transformation, we’re digging into social commerce with the disruptive haircare brand K18. We’re talking with Suveen Sahib, K18 co-founder and CEO, about how they’re making the most of TikTok and Facebook (yes, Facebook) and planning for the metaverse. We also discuss the value of using consumer insights in product development and sharing these insights with your retail partners. 

Listen to learn: 

  • How K18 leverages consumer insights within their product development
  • Why TikTok and social commerce work so well for them — and how they discovered this
  • How they adapt their strategies for different platforms
  • K18’s plans for the metaverse
  • The failures they’ve learned from
  • The future of beauty and haircare tech


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On leveraging consumer insights: “We are using consumer insights at every stage. We have a continuous feedback loop, especially with a stylist community. That's not stopped. They know your hair better than anyone else. And they understand how hair works. So we engage them right at an alpha product development in defining base opportunities in understanding use occasions.” 

On why TikTok works for them: “TikTok was in its infancy during the pandemic, and this is where we realized that we could find the most optimal way of reaching stylists, influencers, and beauty experts .... And in TikTok, we saw the beauty platform the future with its ability to both educate and entertain. It's a platform that sparks joy and participatory content, and this is where you find sharing content. So that's why we decided to invest early on into TikTok. And there was a latent desire for hair content and that's what you can really kind of jumped on to fuel it.” 

And Facebook (still) too: “We are strong believers in [Facebook] for stylist pro education and supporting it. Even after all these years we don't see a platform which has the ability to share good content when it comes to learning content as Facebook. Instagram is more about sharing before-and-afters. ... Our biggest strategy is on TikTok and Facebook up there.”

On other platforms and the metaverse: “We'll be looking at BeReal and others, but it's still a lot of experiments. [We’re] also looking at the metaverse, but fundamentally I believe that the more visible strategies that brands kind of deployed around for the metaverse [is] kind of a herd mentality without realizing actually if there's a brand fit.”

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