Tech Transformation Podcast: Seth Goldman of Eat the Change on Startup Innovation

In this episode of Tech Transformation, we sit down with Seth Goldman, co-founder of Eat the Change, Honest Tea, and PLNT Burger, to break down some of the differences of innovating in a startup vs. a giant company.  We talk about what it’s like trying to balance conscious consumption with making a profit in the food space, and we discuss greenwashing in the industry. 

Topics discussed with Goldman, who also sits on the board of Beyond Meat: 

  • What it’s like for Goldman being back in a more start-up, entrepreneurial role, and those "hindsight is 20/20" moments he’s drawing from 
  • Why launching a kid’s version of Honest Tea was so impactful and how he’s using that perspective now 
  • The differences between re-doing food and un-doing food, and what’s required to be successful 
  • The making of Eat the Change’s newest product innovation, Cosmic Carrot Chews
  • How companies can balance greenwashing with the value of achieving incremental progress 
  • The challenge and importance of balancing conscious consumption with operating and generating profits in the food space


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