Technology and the Presidential Candidates

President elect Barack Obama is building his White House team and has begun to layout his roadmap by outlining plans to lead the country and how he will address high tech issues. See where president elect Barack Obama differs from Senator John McCain on critical issues. RIS gathers insights from around the Web and blogosphere.

Below is a list of resources about the 2008 presidential election from a technology perspective, as opposed to a partisan perspective.

Technology Voters Guide 2008
Knowing where the candidates stand on high-tech topics like digital copyright, surveillance, and Internet regulation can be revealing.

Where the U.S. Presidential Candidates Stand on Tech Issues
Both senators bring tech experience to the race, although the experience is significantly different. Here's a look at the candidates' stances on five issues of interest to the nation's IT leaders: telecommunications, national security, privacy, IT jobs and innovation.

Choosing the U.S. CTO: Who Would You Pick?
The word is that the next president of the United States will invest heavily in technology, and at least one candidate has already discussed choosing a Chief Technology Officer to lead the charge. Who do you think would be right for the job?

When Will Tech Take Center Stage in American Politics?
The economy is in trouble, there are wars being waged across the world, and more people are losing their jobs with each passing day. But what about the significant issues we face five to ten years from now when the technology industry is being hammered by draconian policies and questionable regulations?

EyeRIS Presidential Poll
Who are retail technology professionals voting for in this election? See the results of the first IHL Eye on Retail Information Systems (EyeRIS) newsletter poll to find out.

Now Official: No One In Tech Can Defend McCain
There is apparently not a single prominent person who supports John McCain's technology policies and is confident enough to go out there and debate in favor of them.
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