Ten Tactical Ways to Market Your Apparel Brand Using Social Media

Social media marketing can quickly become an apparel brand's new best friend. No other medium in history provides room for such an up-close-and-personal relationship with consumers on a mass scale. Even apparel manufacturers who were once relegated to only receiving feedback from retailers now have the power to engage directly with customers. And, here are our best tips on how to market your fashion brand on social media.

1) Set up an instagram account for your brand.
There is no better social network for visual content on a mobile platform than instagram. You can use it to share a sneak peak of your upcoming line or encourage fans to share their own creations.

2) Create a Pinterest board. Fiften percent of all internet users now use Pinterest, which beyond just another social network is a content curation platform. Many brands with visual appeal (fashion, furniture, design) have found that Pinterest is the leading driver of traffic to their websites.

3) Use Tumblr to reach younger audiences. Tumblr attracts the lion's share of young adults ages 18 to 29. Tumblr's built-in tagging and sharing features make it a natural choice for brands looking to amplify reach.

4) Publish pictures within a Facebook photo album. Uploading pictures to a single photo album instead of posting them separately will gain you more traction if you have recently launched your page. The album will stay longer on the page, and it will encourage fans to click through to see more.

5) Use Facebook ads to build your page's fan base. It doesn't matter how popular your brand is offline, if you launch a Facebook page launching targeted Facebook ads is a great way to drive initial fans to the page.

6) Monitor your presence. Always monitor your activity and respond to every post/message by fans (good or bad) unless it is blatant spam. Be careful with blocking fans from your page. Blocking critics can create a strong backlash so be careful with what you allow and what (if anything) you decide to censor.

7) Keep your brand voice consistent across channels. In order to do this successfully, you first have to determine what your brand voice is. Is it fun? Humorous? Intellectual? Once you have a solid voice identified and defined, make sure you are using your brand's personality across all channels.

8) Launch a digital PR campaign. Use your influencers! This includes everyone from fashion bloggers to mommy and daddy bloggers. Who already loves your brand and has a community? Leverage their reach to grow your brand. When done correctly, digital PR is a perfect win-win.

9) Utilize social media as a customer service channel. According to a 2012 Nielsen study, one in three consumers now prefers social care (customer service conducted via social channels.) Consumers will use these mediums to rant and rave about their in-store and online experiences as well as your products. Choose to see this as an opportunity to cultivate champions instead of merely dealing with critics.

10) Integrate offline events with your online strategy. Factor in as many opportunities to be current and live. Utilize trade shows, fashion shows, new product announcements as fodder for live tweeting and posting on Instagram and Facebook. Social media presents the ultimate opportunity to have your customers engage with you as if they were there in person - never underestimate that power.

Shama Kabani is the CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, an web marketing and digital PR firm. She is also author of the best-selling book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, now in its 3rd edition, and host of the popular web TV show on business and technology Shama.Tv.
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