Ten Thousand Buyers Flock to Colombiatex de las Americas

Textiles, supplies, machinery and even the full package' were the most sought after categories for the almost 10,000 buyers who attended Colombiatex de las AmÉricas, from the Jan. 27-29, confirming it as the most important tradeshow in Latin America for textiles, raw materials, supplies, machinery and chemical products for the home and apparel manufacturing.

The 482 exhibitors, 40 percent of which were international, and the 8,324 domestic buyers who attended this year's tradeshow – a 9 percent rise on last year – made an undeniably significant contribution to trade in the Fashion System, demonstrating how Colombia is an attractive market in Latin America.

Of the estimated 1,704 international buyers who came from 51 countries, Ecuador once again topped the list with 459 companies, 2 percent more than last year, despite the recent decisions regarding exchange rate safeguards with Colombia. In spite of the uncertainty surrounding trade agreements with Venezuela, 271 buyers still came from the neighbouring country, equating to a 24 percent decrease on last year's attendance.

Seventeen percent of the total number of international buyers came from Mexico, Peru and Chile, countries that in collaboration with Colombia form the Pacific Alliance, demonstrating the importance of this trade bloc for the industry.

For their part, there were also strong representations from countries such as Brazil with 66 buyers, Costa Rica with 62, 39 Bolivia buyers, 38 from the Dominican Republic and 28 from Spain. There were also noteworthy participations from Canada with 19, Italy, 18, and 11 from El Salvador.

In this atmosphere of diversifying business, the twenty-seventh edition of Colombiatex de las AmÉricas closed with approximately US$306 million worth of deals negotiated, 15 percent more than last year. According to the results of a survey of trade, carried out by the Inexmoda-Raddar Economic Observatory with the help of all the buyers who attended Colombiatex de las AmÉricas, 30 percent of all those surveyed had closed deals here at the Tradeshow, and 80 percent confirmed intentions to do so in the next six months.

Of this total, 65 percent intend to buy textiles,  30 percent supplies, 13 percent were after start to finish packages and 13 percent were after machinery. Fibres and chemical products, with 4 percent and 3 percent respectively, were also part of what buyers were seeking.

Of the projected textile sales, the denim and shirt material sectors were greatest with 31 percent and 30 percent respectively. Fine-knitted materials made up 28 percent of sales, trouser fabrics 25 percent, intelligent textiles 14 percent and bases for intimate wear 10 percent.

The purchasing projections of the following apparel categories are: formal-casual for male and female 50 percent; denim 37 percent; and sportswear 17 percent. Categories such as intimate wear, children's clothes, uniforms and home furnishing were also notable sectors for business.

The survey shows an evolution in consumer trends, aligned with business models of the future, where 2.5 percent of buyers come to the tradeshow to stock up on products sold exclusively through its online channel, and 10 percent do so through brick and mortar. Meanwhile buyers seeking textiles and supplies for manufacturing their own brand products account for 25  percent.

The Colombiatex Trends Forum, organized by Inexmoda's Fashion and Economic Lab, featured tradeshow exhibitor´s product display, highlighting the presence of cotton fabrics for shirts, knitted fabrics and innovative knitted jacquards. Denim stole the show thanks to the Denim Review which starred jacquards and denim itself in ultra-lightweight Tencel.

Over the three days, the Knowledge Pavilion Inexmoda - UPB hosted 13,000 visitors, 11 percent more than the previous year; and 33,000 online visitors from the tradeshow´s streaming website, showing a growth of 120 percent. The website provided connections from the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and the UK. The Inexmoda Strategic Transformation department´s slogan, under which this academic space is constructed and projected throughout the year, is ‘Passion for knowledge'.

Meanwhile, five fashion shows, 17 brands, and four designers later, the curtain finally fell on the second series of Fash.Mobs, which successfully managed to bring the consumer closer to the final product.

Thanks to the partnership with the Municipality of MedellÍn, Colombiatex de las AmÉricas seeks to position the city as a leader in organizing business and entertainment events. Proof of this is the certification granted by the UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, confirming Colombiatex as one of the best in its category.

Under the premise of "Connecting Knowledge to Make the Fashion System Buzz" Inexmoda wraps up this tradeshow's edition with satisfaction for not only connecting but also for generating passion for business and knowledge.
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