Tensator Brings Digital Signage to Life

Tensator has launched the Virtual Assistant Ultra, part of its Virtual Assistant portfolio, which will improve in-store promotions for retail. The 20-inch x 20-inch solution can fit almost anywhere in a store, providing retailers with many promotional possibilities, a flexible point of difference to help increase profits and efficiency, and the ability to generate extra revenue by directly influencing consumer behavior.
The Ultra edition is a next generation digital signage solution using technology to project an image and create the illusion of a real person to convey a consistent brand message, impart key information and highlight products and promotions. Retailers can now place the solution within an aisle or as part of the aisle end caps. Other features of the Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra include:
·         Scalable technology incorporating a platform onto which new technologies and enhancements can be added, providing a lower cost of ownership
·         A solid digital signage networkable media player, allowing the unit to run 24/7, if required
·         Bose sound with voice-tuned amplification
·         A lockable wheel-mounted unit, allowing it to be easily moved to other areas of the store
·         A standard proximity sensor, allowing messages to be delivered only when there are people within 10 feet of the unit, ensuring sound delivery to the target market.
The Tensator Virtual Assistant has enhanced the overall customer journey, improving sales, driving efficiency and increasing dwell time and traffic.
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