Teradata Releases New Family of Analytical Platforms

Teradata introduces a new family of platforms that addresses customer needs from entry-level to active enterprise-level. These systems are used to meet special business unit, departmental, or geographical requirements, as well as address compliance and privacy concerns. Special-purpose applications such as fraud detection and prevention, customer segmentation, human resources and forecasting also can be implemented on separate analytical systems.

The Teradata 550 SMP a departmental data warehouse on a smaller scale. The Teradata 550 was developed to run a single application or support test and development workloads. Can be used with the Novell SUSE Linux 64-bit operating system or Windows.

The Teradata 2500 - anentry-level data warehouse scalable platform with dual-core Intel processors, industry standard enterprise-class storage, open Novell SUSE Linux 64-bit operating system, and the Teradata 12 database and utilities.

The Teradata 5550is configured and designed to meet these challenging active enterprise data warehouse requirements. Allows customers to add new generation platforms to existing systems virtually eliminating the costly "floor sweep" upgrades of older technology.

The Teradata 12 Database - designed for business intelligence and analytical needs of complex reporting and ad-hoc analysis. The Teradata Optimizer rewrites poorly written queries in real-time and helps queries run up to 30 percent faster. In addition, "intelligent scanning" with multi-level partition indexing can help improve query response times, extending the performance edge for which Teradata is known.