Teradata Releases Teradata 13

Teradata announces the release of Teradata 13, which includes Teradata Database 13, Teradata Tools and Utilities 13, services and partnerships. The Teradata 13 query optimizer has been improved allowing queries to run faster and consume fewer resources.

The query optimizer interprets a query and determines the most efficient way for the database to process it providing business users with a rapid response to their queries. Database administrators and application developers don't have to be involved, because these enhancements deploy automatically.

Teradata 13, with its workload management capabilities, enables data to stream up to two times faster into the data warehouse. Simultaneously, tens-of-thousands of variables can be analyzed directly in the database. The high-speed data loading and analysis do not interrupt or slow each other, providing agility for business users. The loading of data at high speed has been made possible by using specialized tables to support businesses that accumulate massive data volumes like retail and financial services.
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