Teradata’s Vantage CX Now Available

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Teradata’s Vantage CX Now Available


Data and analytics provider Teradata has made its Vantage Customer Experience (CX) available to businesses.

Users can access customer behavior data to create personalized, optimized and orchestrated customer experiences at scale, helping nontechnical associates extend customer profiles, generate customer insights, and deliver tailored instructions to the last-mile tools executing personalized messages.

Martyn Etherington, CMO at Teradata, noted that delivering optimized experiences that align with customer expectations is especially challenging in today’s fractured digital landscape.

Leveraging Celebrus’ customer interaction data addressing this issue by providing real-time data from across all lines of business and customer touchpoints in a unified view.

“This allows marketers to seamlessly operationalize insights across all their customer channels, delivering more value to their customers, and ultimately, increasing their bottom line,” Etherington said.

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