TexTrace Reduces Sample Shrinkage From 60 Percent to Under 10 Percent at Luxury House

TexTrace recently received certification by the European EPC Competence Center for the applied tag performance of its TexTrace® Woven RFID Brand Label.

Based on excellent performance with special strength for proximity situations, the tag is targeted for apparel use cases, such as inventory taking with an RFID handheld device. Production consistency was found to be excellent, in the same range as printed and etched labels. Certification by the University of Arkansas Radio Compliance (ARC) center is targeted for August 2014.

Supply chain specialist Li & Fung's CatLook solution is a suite of in-store technologies that enable the retailer to grow sales by transforming the customer experience into something interactive, personalized and en-gaging. Li & Fung's showrooms in Hong Kong and London now feature the TexTrace Woven RFID Brand Label, which supports all RFID applications in the retail environment and beyond.

TexTrace offers a seamless solution for RFID source tagging with a customized woven RFID label that resists the processes fashion items undergo during their lifecycle, enabling accurate item tracking from start to finish throughout the retail value chain – without compromising the items' look and feel.

the TexTrace woven RFID brand label is now also integrated in Tyco's showrooms in Madrid and Barcelona, in addition to its Retail Experience Center in DÜsseldorf, Germany. These centers include live demonstrations of the latest innovations in inventory visibility, safety and security, loss prevention, and traffic intelligence solutions.

Eliminated shrinkage of sample collections
An Italian producer of luxury men's and women's fashion has been able to reduce its internal shrinkage of sample collection items from more than 60 percent to less than 10 percent since 2013 with the help of TexTrace labels. Accurate and reliable sample tracking is of utmost importance for fashion brands, as every single item is a unique piece being presented in countless locations around the globe within a short timeframe. Therefore, the loss of sample items first and foremost means lost sales and delays, as well as significant extra effort for getting replacements, both financially and with respect to labor.
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