Theatro to Demo Its "Hearable" Retail Device at Shoptalk

Theatro will be giving a live demo at Shoptalk of its powerful new voice-assisted selling apps, which enables brick-and-mortar retailers to increase sales in this do-or-die market. Theatro's demo and new product announcement will take place Tues., March 21, 2017, as part of the In-store innovation session.

Theatro is one of a select group of companies that was invited to provide live demonstrations of its latest innovations at Shoptalk 2017. By bringing voice-assisted selling capabilities directly to the ear of retail store associates, Theatro enables every associate to upsell and cross-sell, even on their very first day. Show attendees will have an opportunity to see the future of brick and mortar retailing when every associate can answer every customer's question.

Theatro disrupted the retail industry in 2016 with the introduction of the first voice-based application platform delivered in the ear through a voice-controlled wearable (or "hearable"), representing a new breed of mobility solution for the hourly workers. Theatro is helping brick-and-mortar retailers level the playing field in the competition for ever-demanding customers who expect associates to provide them with instant useful information and excellent customer service.

The Theatro "heads-up & hands-free" platform unlocks an associate's access to expert teammates and critical enterprise systems such as pricing and inventory management from anywhere in the store.

"Shoppers are more connected than ever to instant meaningful information and the same needs to be true for retailers and their associates," said Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro. "Empowering store associates with technology that enables them to provide personalized, data-driven support to shoppers in real-time is the pinnacle of customer service. We're thrilled to take that a step further by offering assisted selling as part of the Theatro platform."