Things Remembered Empowers Associates to Create Memorable Experiences

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
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Things Remembered, a retailer of personalized gifts, is using Workforce Dimensions  from Kronos Incorporated to optimize workforce productivity and empower its teammates to create personal and memorable experiences for customers who shop online or via the retailer’s catalog.

Analytics embedded within Workforce Dimensions and powered by AIMEE, an artificial intelligence engine built for managers and employees, arms supervisors with real-time workforce data to enable strategic decision-making by quickly identifying trends and predicting outcomes related to engagement, performance, and employee fatigue.

Greater visibility into attendance metrics enables supervisors to identify and address absence trends weeks or even months before they would otherwise be recognized. Proactive compliance functionality helps supervisors track complex compliance requirements and mitigate potential risks, alerting them days before a potential issue surfaces so they may take preventative action.

Additionally, the solution offers a simple and flexible licensing model that enables Things Remembered to substantially increase seasonal workforce capacity as needed during peak times.

Data-driven automation empowers supervisors to schedule teammates based on demand, streamline payroll processing, and complete common workflows – such as time-off requests, timecard approvals, and shift-swaps – in real time using one-click actions. As a result, supervisors can spend more time supporting their teams and prioritizing customer orders. Self-service features and one-click actions enable teammates to request time off, check time-off balances, view schedules, and compare hours week-over-week, without manager assistance, right from their smartphone or using an on-site kiosk at the retailer’s fulfillment center. Teammates are automatically notified if they forget to clock in or out of a shift, giving them the opportunity to correct their timecard within the designated pay period and eliminating the liability of having supervisors edit employee timecards on their behalf.

“Over the years we’ve tailored our omnichannel strategy to optimize operations – not only to drive greater productivity, but to create positive workplace experiences that both inspire our full- and part-time teammates and motivate seasonal workers to return year after year,” said Rich Farruggia, vice president, human resources, Things Remembered. “Our decision to onboard Things Remembered to Workforce Dimensions was made to keep pace with modern expectations around the future of work in retail and equip all employees with the industry’s most advanced suite of workforce management capabilities.”