Thomas Pink's Wall Street Store Is Innovating By Doing This

Luxury clothing retailer Thomas Pink has deployed the Acuitas Digital Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which helps retailers to digitize the physical store, at its Wall Street store in New York City.

Launched in January 2016, the Acuitas Digital Alliance brings together like-minded technology innovators in retail technology.

Acuitas Digital's solution uses IoT multisensors to automatically scan the whole store in real time to improve efficiency and unlock new interactive in-store experiences. The IoT-powered RFID sensors provide real-time inventory visibility and movement tracking of merchandise throughout the store, increasing efficiency and delivering near 100-percent stock accuracy. 

Thomas Pink installed the pilot Acuitas Digital IoT digital store solution as part of its digital strategy. It will enable the retailer to track in real time the movement of merchandise and people around the store, use big data analytics to predict shopper behavior, and provide a foundation for real-time, interactive in-store experiences. This will help the retailer personalize customer service, optimize store layout, improve employee workflows, reduce cost and grow sales.

This new IoT approach to digitizing the store overcomes the limitations of legacy, handheld RFID systems that rely on manual weekly or daily store scanning. Manual scanning can be error prone, time consuming and of limited value to retailers looking to deliver in-store, interactive customer experiences or for real-time analytics.

The IoT-powered video sensors within the Acuitas Digital solution enable Thomas Pink to understand the behavior of customers in the store. They will provide insight and intelligence on what customers are buying, who goes where in the store, merchandising effectiveness and how the stores are performing. 

"The Acuitas Digital solution will give us the insight to ensure that we have the right products, in the right place at the right time, all of the time," said Alex Field, marketing director, Thomas Pink. "This is fundamental to delighting our customers and delivering great new digital experiences to the store. We will now be able to use big data analytics to improve store efficiency and performance to help our people to spend more time with customers rather than getting tied up in admin tasks.  We're incredibly excited about how it will transform the store for our people and customers. It will bring our digital store strategy to life and will show how it can become a real driver of growth."

"SATO Global Solutions' VISION Retail Platform seamlessly integrates RFID tags, IoT sensors, gateways and the cloud to provide actionable insight for Thomas Pink to improve their inventory visibility, workforce efficiency and the customer experience," said Goro Yumiba, chairman and CEO of SATO Global Solutions. "The Sales Associate Application, one of the integrated applications in the VISION suite, turns product movements into tasks for sales associates. This allows them to promptly deal with misplaced items or empty shelves to prevent missed sales opportunities," he added.

Bas Burger, BT's president for the Americas, said, "There are many solutions on the market designed to help retailers predict customer behavior and improve experiences for shoppers. However, these solutions do not easily integrate with each other, and that lack of integration translates into data silos and limited usefulness."

"BT is working with Thomas Pink to maximize the business benefits of our Acuitas Digital solution, bringing together the power of IoT sensors, software and analytics to give a single comprehensive view of store operations and customer behavior. This will help to grow sales, boost productivity and deliver a greater experience for customers."

The Acuitas Digital solution will help Thomas Pink and its customers in a number for ways. For example, if a customer picks up a men's shirt, carries it elsewhere in the store, and then abandons it for another product, the next person who's looking for that particular shirt may not be able to find it. A sales assistant will then get tied up searching for the item, while the new customer waits. With the Acuitas Digital solution, the Thomas Pink sales assistant will know exactly where to find the item, saving time, removing frustration and giving customers a better shopping experience.

Moreover, if a garment sold happens to be the last one of its style and size in the store, the real-time nature of the Acuitas Digital solution will allow for a replenishment order to be made instantly and automatically by sending an alert notifying a sales assistant, rather than waiting until the end of the day for a stock check.

When combined with digital signage, the solution could also prompt a customer buying a shirt to consider a matching tie or cufflinks, improving service and helping grow sales through cross-selling. Fitting rooms will be transformed. New smart fitting rooms will improve customer experience and increase sales conversion.

"Today's customers have higher expectations of the retail experience than ever before," said Mike Beedles, chair of the Acuitas Digital Alliance, said. "Digital solutions are key to helping retailers meet this challenge and seize the opportunities new shopping behaviors offer. We're delighted to be working with Thomas Pink as it develops its digital store strategy and look forward to our mutual success."