Three Tips for Reviews to Positively Influence the Mobile Impulse Buy

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Three Tips for Reviews to Positively Influence the Mobile Impulse Buy

Emerging e-commerce technologies are making it easier to browse and buy than ever before. For consumers, swiping credit cards or digging for cash may soon give way to more efficient and effective means of making a purchase such as Apple Pay and other mobile wallet solutions. But while data-driven suggestions and one-click payments are ushering in a culture of convenience – particularly when it comes to mobile devices – these innovations aren’t the only thing boosting impulse purchases among shoppers.
Ratings and reviews go a long way toward providing consumers with the confidence and product knowledge needed to pull the trigger on a quick purchase. In fact, 96 percent of shoppers consult product reviews and more than 86 percent of consumers refer to reviews as an essential resource when making a purchasing decision.
By making ratings and reviews easily accessible on mobile devices, you can help grow consumer appetite for quick purchases. Here are three ways to do just that.

1. Optimize your reviews display for mobile

Much has been said about using apps to draw the attention of mobile shoppers, but a recent PowerReviews study tells a different story. About 54 percent of consumers prefer to visit a store's website with their mobile phone, as opposed to the 17 percent who would rather download and visit a retailer's app. Cater to these consumers by creating a mobile-optimized website where they can browse products and reference reviews at a moment’s notice. The convenience of one-click payment buttons coupled with readily available ratings and reviews will make for quick and easy purchases that consumers are confident in.

2. Make the review collection process mobile-friendly

More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to browse and buy products. They’re also using their phones to write reviews, so it’s important to make sure the entire process is mobile friendly.
According to PowerReviews data, around 60% of reviews are generated as a result of a post purchase email, so that’s a good place to start. By switching to a mobile-friendly post purchase email, evo, an outdoor gear and fashion apparel retailer, experienced a 203% increase in reviews written on mobile and a 23% increase in reviews written from all devices.
In addition, ensure your write a review form is also easy for consumers to complete on a mobile device. If shoppers get hung up on any part of the review writing process, they’re likely to abandon it, leaving you without a review.

3. Allow for visual review content

When it comes to reviews, visuals can make all the difference. We’ve all heard the common saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And for product reviews, this statement couldn’t be more true. In fact, a survey conducted by Olapic found that nearly one-third of customers would be more likely to buy clothing online if the site featured photos of real customers wearing the product. Encourage consumers to post visual content by rewarding them with loyalty points that can be redeemed for coupons, gift cards and other prizes.
Steady improvement of e-commerce technology has helped drive impulse purchases in recent years. But as new innovations provide access to product ratings and reviews across mobile devices, the desire to make purchases will grow even greater among consumers.

Matt Parsons is the Chief Customer Office of PowerReviews, a leading provider of customer review technology to more than 1,000 brands and retailers.