Top 10 Apparel Stories of 2018

In case you missed these in 2018, it's not too late to catch the top 10 stories of last year:

1. The Apparel 2018 Top Innovators

By implementing unified enterprise systems for greater inventory visibility, wrangling algorithms in service of gathering business intelligence and offering personalization, eliminating time and waste by using 3D in design and development, continually fine-tuning apparel style, fit and performance, and much more, this year’s crop of Innovators are stepping up to the plate to address and fulfill consumer demand. 

2. The Apparel Top 50 for 2018: Brick and Mortar and Digital Closing the Gap

Physical stores and online shopping have been tiptoeing around each other for years, but continued integration of technology is acting like an enzyme in the shopping mix, forever changing both entities to create a third and far more exciting experience for consumers and companies alike. This annual report reveals the year's top 50 most profitable public apparel companies on the U.S. stock exchange.

3. The NRF Big Show: Apparel's Top 20 Takeaways

Rent-the-Runway feeds closed-loop data to its partners, Nordstrom gets closer to the consumer with AI, Tilly’s wins big with AR, Roots Canada goes all out with Northern Lights digital gift guide, Walmart’s Store No 8 takes on innovation and much, much more.  

4. Look Closer: Made-in-the-USA Is Gaining Momentum

Slowly but surely, a small amount of textile and apparel manufacturing is springing up in the United States. Although developments are incremental, the trend shows signs of gaining momentum. This article takes a closer look at four relatively new companies producing stateside. 

5. Carter's Rolls Out Omnichannel Retail POS — Remotely — in Record Time

No time outs for this children’s wear brand, which got down to business quickly with an omnichannel solution from Aptos.

6. The Future of Retail Logistics

Drone delivery. Autonomous vehicles. AI bots. The retail logistics market is on the cusp of huge disruption. As consumers increasingly demand quicker delivery times, retailers and carriers will need to explore new avenues for customers to purchase and receive goods with a new approach, dubbed zero-based supply chain (ZBSC).

7. American Eagle Outfitters Adopts Omnichannel Distribution with VARGO

During the first peak holiday season after implementing its new system, American Eagle's distribution center processed as many orders in six days as in the entire prior three months. 

8. At Stitch Fix — Sometimes Getting Personalization Wrong Is the Key to Getting It Right

Apparel retailers and brands are trying to meet the needs of millions of markets of one. That’s not easy, but smart and thoughtful strategy combined with technologies such as AI are making it possible for this subscription-model retailer, and many others. 

9. PLM for Apparel 2018: 3D Adds New Strategic Dimension to Achieving Supply Chain Speed

This annual report revealed that the subsequent 12 months would shape up to be the “Year of 3D Product Development” among apparel enterprises. Companies hope that PLM in general, and 3D in particular, will deliver their most sought-after benefits: faster time-to-market, lower product costs, and shorter product development time. PLM software vendors see a chance to disrupt the software market by offering differentiated 3D functionality ahead of their competition. First, though, the industry must recognize PLM as an end-to-end business discipline worthy of advanced strategic thinking and technology investments.

10. RFID Hits Critical Mass

The benefits accruing to Macy’s, Inditex and other apparel retailers are driving awareness about the accuracy, visibility, speed and efficiency that RFID brings.

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