Top 10 Department Stores Revealed

The age of customer-centric retailing is upon us. In response, the department store segment is reinventing itself relying on off-price merchandise, flexible fulfillment options and omnichannel investment to keep pace with customer demand. The retailers that are best able to adapt to this new retailing reality are attracting modern shoppers and enjoying continued financial success.
The members of RIS News second annual Top 10 Department Store Ranking earned their place on the list with top performance in seven key hard data metrics that examined not only a company’s financial position but its social initiatives, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.
This year's ranking featured a tie in the fifth place position. A sneak peak at the bottom of the list follows. The entire top 10 ranking can be downloaded for free here:

#10 Macy’s
Macy’s is one of the oldest retailers in the country, dating back to 1858, but time has not passed it by. Macy’s has carved out a clear leadership position in omnichannel retailing, the hottest, most leading-edge trend in retail today. CEO Terry Lundgren, in fact, has become one of omnichannel’s most vocal advocates. Macy’s achieved mid-level scores across the board in our research for this story and a respectable overall score. Noteworthy strengths include high ratings for Lundgren and the Macy’s corporate culture as well as a solid year-over-year stock price gain of 9.5%. A recent initiative that will pay future dividends for Macy’s is using large footprint stores as fulfillment centers to shorten delivery time and improve full-price turnover of products regardless of wherenthey are located.
#10 Walmart
The giant from Bentonville does so many things right that no list of top department stores would be complete without it. That said, Walmart tied for 10th on our list, which means it is on the bottom, a surprising location for the world’s largest retailer. Among its many superlatives, Walmart is the global leader in technology investment, so it is never far behind any IT trend and is usually the outright leader. @WalmartLabs, for example, is the envy of the industry for its innovative developments, future-forward concepts and testing, and deep pockets for snapping up promising startups. But Walmart is also facing struggles with keeping its core shopper base coming back for more in the face of stiff competition from a crowded fi eld of deep discounters. As a result, its financial performance, while steady, has
been lackluster for several years.
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