Top 10 Happiest Retailers

Retail is quickly moving toward the customer-centric model, placing shopper engagement and a personalized experience as a top priority. Implementing shopper-first retailing takes a host of interconnected technology to deliver shopper insights and an engaged staff dedicated to providing the experience.
All the shopper data and actionable insight in the world will do little to build a bond with a retailer if front-line employees aren’t completely satisfied with their work — the importance of a happy staff has never been greater.

Forbes recently released CareerBliss' annual look at the happiest retailers to work for. Ross stores took the top spot in this year's list after not even making the top 10 in 2013. To compile the top 10 list, CareerBliss evaluated thousands of employee responses on factors that can influence their professional happiness. Factors include work-life balance, management, compensation and benefits, job security, the nature of the employee’s work, the employer’s company culture, and workplace environment.

The top 10 happiest retailers to work for in 2014 are:

1. Ross Stores
2. Costco
4. Neiman Marcus
5. Apple Stores
6. Barnes & Noble
7. TJ Maxx
8. Verizon Wireless
9. Lowe's
10. Nordstrom

Many of the members of the top 10 are new to the list this year, for comparison's sake here were the top 10 happiest retailer to work for last year:

1. Toys "R" Us   
2. JC Penny        
3. Fry's Electronics          
4. Game Stop    
5. Best Buy         
6. Walgreens     
7. Costco             
8. Barnes & Noble           
9. Macy's            
10. The Gap
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