Top 10 Highest Rated Retail CEOs

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Top 10 Highest Rated Retail CEOs

By Tim Denman - 06/15/2015
The proverbial buck stops with the CEO. For better or worse whoever occupies a corporation's top spot is held responsible for the performance of the organization, and is held accountable for bottom line results.

If you want to know the overall health of an organization a quick look at how the CEO is rated from within the enterprise can provide a fairly accurate measure of the company's current successes and failures. You won't find a lot of struggling corporations with a highly-ranked chief executive.'s Highest Rated CEOs 2015 report ranks the 50 highest rated CEOs across industries based on employee feedback. Each CEO is given an approval rating, ranging from 0% to 100%, compiled through the analysis of actual employee's opinions on the top boss.

Among the 50 CEO leaders are 10 from the retail segment. The top rated retail CEOs are:

Mark G. Parker. Parker has been the CEO and president of Nike for over nine years. He is responsible for the growth of Nike's vast international portfolio of brands and has seen stock prices increase five fold since he took over the top spot. Glassdoor approval rating: 97%.

Charles C. Butt. As the CEO of H.E.B., a privately held grocery chain in Texas and Northern Mexico, Butt has helped adopt the organic and healthy craze that has taken over the grocery segment. The 110-year old brand refuses to rest on its laurels and continues to evolve helping drive revenue and sales to new heights. Glassdoor approval rating: 96%.

Craig Jelinek. Jelinek joined Costco in 1984 and has held a host of titles across various segments of the business in his 30-plus years at the big box retailer. Costco is known throughout the industry for its stellar compensation and benefits packages, no doubt helping propel Jelinek to the top of the ranking. Glassdoor approval rating: 93%.

Calvin McDonald. The former president of CEO of Sears Canada has held the top spot at Sephora since January 2014. Sephora continues to lead the cosmetics and personal care retail segment with innovative technology like its recently released mobile app that can analyze a customer's face shape and give beauty and product advice. Glassdoor approval rating: 93%.

Mickey Drexler. Drexler is an oddity on this list. Since J. Crew went private, sales continue to falter and its future is uncertain, yet Drexler continues to receive stellar marks from his employee base. Evidence that although the once dominate specialty force continues to search for an identity in the changing marketplace, employees of the brand have faith that their leader is the up to the task. Glassdoor approval rating: 91%.

Danny Wegman. The family-owned Wegmans Food Markets is a frontrunner in the new destination style grocery store trend. The company is routinely named to best places to work lists and employees and customers alike are impressed and committed to the CEOs vision for the 100-year-old chain. Glassdoor approval rating: 91%.

Blake W. Nordstrom. Nordstrom has been the principal executive officer at the department store that bears his family name since 2000. He has overseen tremendous growth at the retailer over his 15 years at the helm. Despite continued commitment to its luxury roots the department store chain has embraced the market's current demands, continuing to open discount Nordstrom Rack locations across the country. Glassdoor approval rating: 91%.

Howard D. Schultz. The two-time CEO of Starbucks is in the enviable position of heading a company that is recognized and respected around the world and employs a workforce that is equally loyal to the brand. Starbucks doesn't just serve coffee it is committed to implementing innovative technology as well, including mobile ordering applications and NFC payment. Glassdoor approval rating: 91%.

Thomas E. Richards. Richards is chairman and CEO of CDW, a computer and accessories retailer and business solutions provider. Richards is responsible for the strategic direction and performance of the company as well as leading the senior management team. Glassdoor approval rating: 91%.

Christopher M. Conners. Conners has been the CEO of the paint and painting accessories manufacturer and retailer for over six years, and has overseen a five-fold increase in share price. The retailer continues to ride the wave of increased consumer spending in the home improvement segment as home sales continue to rebound. Glassdoor approval rating: 89%.