Top 10 Most Read Stories of 2014

Just one week into the New Year and retailers are still groggy from the holiday rush. As the holiday hangover begins to subside retailers become inundated with messaging about the major trends they can expect to see over the next 12 month.

Many of the top trends for 2015 were hot topics in 2014 as well. A quick look at the top read stories on RIS' website over the past year sheds some light onto what retailers were concerned with last year and were the industry is headed in 2015 and beyond.

The following were the 10 most read stories of 2014:

#1 Top 6 Retail Trends to Watch in 2014 This article written by Justin Honaman of Teradata has been among the top read stories week-in and week-out all year long. A 2015 version of last year's most read story is available here. Check it out and let's see if this annual look at emerging trends tops this list next year.

# 2 Top 10 Department Stores: Who Made the Cut? One of two articles on this list that was posted in 2013 ranks the best department store chains according to Apparel Magazine. RIS News conducted its own ranking of the segment this year with TJX taking the top stop.

#3 Top 10 Most Profitable Retailers When it comes to valuable metrics designed to gauge retailer success nothing is more important than profit. This article highlights the 10 most profitable retailers according to Apparel Magazine.

# 4 Top 5 Best-in-Class Omnichannel Retailers The other article on this list that first appeared on the site in 2013 explores the traits that best-in-class omnichannel retailers possess. The article is based off of research RIS did for its Omnichannel Readiness report.        
# 5 Best of NRF 2014: Top 10 Takeaways When it comes to industry events it doesn’t get any bigger than the Big Show and our coverage of the annual event resonated well with readers with a fifth place finish for the year.   
#6 Online Grocery: The Five Retailers That Do it Best The grocery segment is undergoing a radical transition. In addition to the emerging healthy and organic craze, grocers are still figuring out how to best utilize online shopping. See who does it best.  

#7 Top 10 Retail Loyalty Programs It is well documented that it is cheaper to keep an existing customer than recruit a new one and retailers are exploring all manner of loyalty campaigns to keep shoppers engaged. The article ranks retails best loyalty programs.        
#8 Stores Face the Retail Plague, Close Doors in 2014 Although brick-and-mortar is still king many physical retailers are feeling the heat from the online competition. See which retailers closed significant physical locations in 2014.

# 9 The Best and Worst Retail CEOs of 2013 The proverbial buck stops with the CEO. When things are going well they get the praise, but when the organization suffers a reversal they are the first to feel the wrath. This article chronicles which CEOs, and their respective companies, had exceptional and subpar years in 2013.

 #10 Top 8 Retail Companies to Work For As retailers continue to gravitate toward the shopper-first concept, a satisfied and fully-engaged workforce becomes a top priority. See which retailers have the most satisfied associates.
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