Top 10 Retailers Shoppers Return to Again and Again

As the list of online retailers grows by day, building long-term and meaningful loyalty is becoming increasing difficult — but it is not impossible. Leading e-commerce retailers are able to draw shoppers back to their site thanks to superior assortments, engaging experiences, and lightning-fast platforms that are setting the standard for success in a crowded marketplace.  

In its annual Top 500 E-Commerce Retailers Guide, Internet Retailer ranked the online retailers with the highest percentage of return shoppers — indicating not only an engaged, but loyal shopper base. Below is the  10 e-commerce retailers with the highest percentage of return shoppers according to the report.

Amazon. No surprise that the most popular e-commerce site in the world is the leader in return visits, with nearly 90% of its traffic coming from shoppers that have visited in the past month. In addition, to its impressive returning shopper number, is its 18% conversion rate. Percentage of Return Shoppers Per Month: 88.1%.

1Sale. The flash-sale based online mass merchant averages around 10 million visits per month, over 80% of which comes from shoppers that have been to the site in the past month. While the site's conversion rate is a modest 3.8% it has grown revenue by 12% year-over-year and by nearly 20% over the past five. Percentage of Return Shoppers Per Month: 83.6%.

QVC Group. The television and online retailing powerhouse raked in over $4.2 billion in web sales in 2015, thanks in no small part to its loyal, returning shopper base. Its three times a month e-mail campaign brings in 3.5% of its 45 million monthly visits. Percentage of Return Shoppers Per Month: 76.1%.

Evine Live Inc. Evine Live is the parent company of TV and online retailer ShopHQ, with a wide product assortment including jewelry, beauty, electronics and home goods. The e-commerce retailer is driving a significant amount of traffic to its site from a variety of places including: paid search (13.2%), social media (11.0%), and natural search (3.6%). Percentage of Return Shoppers Per Month: 75.8%.

APMEX Inc. The American Precious Metal Exchange (APMEX) sells precious metal in more than 10,000 different coins, bars, bullion, etc. With such a high-end product line it is no surprise that the e-com retailer's conversion rate was just 1.2% in 2015, while its average ticket was $1,900. Percentage of Return Shoppers Per Month: 75.4%.

Jewelry Television. The retailer sells fine jewelry, loose gemstones and related products. It saw its web sales increase by over 15% year-over-year to reach $141 million in 2015. Nearly four percent of its traffic comes from social media, where it has a significant presence on Facebook with nearly 600,000 likes. Percentage of Return Shoppers Per Month: 72.9%.

Amway.  Amway sports a wide product array primarily in the health, beauty and home care sectors. Half of the retailer's eight million monthly visits are unique visitors — they spend on average $242 per ticket and covert at a 6.9% rate. Percentage of Return Shoppers Per Month: 72.4%.

Weight Watchers. It makes sense that Weight Watchers would have a high return visit rate, selling the food members need to keep on pace with their diets. While the retailer's average ticket is a respectable $47, it endured a significant setback in sales in 2015, losing over 20% compared to 2014 levels. Percentage of Return Shoppers Per Month: 70.2%.

HSN Inc. For the first time digital accounted for more than half of the HSN's sales last year, outpacing phone orders for the first time — bringing in nearly $2 billion in revenue. The brand's 29 million average monthly visitors are converting at a 3.4% rate and spending $130 on their average transaction. Percentage of Return Shoppers Per Month: 70.0%.

Newegg Inc. Newegg is an online only electronics retailer with revenue just shy of $3 billion. The retailer stocks over 10 million SKUs to meet the needs of its 21 million monthly online visitors, with an average ticket of $285. Percentage of Return Shoppers Per Month: 69.8%.