Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Revealed

Top brands sustain their value, despite the tough economic environment according to . the fourth annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. The value of the Top 100 brands has held its value at $1.95 trillion (a marginal increase of 1.7 percent versus last year). Google is number one with a value of $100 billion, Microsoft is number two at $76.2 bn, and Coca-Cola moves into the top three for the first time at $67.6 billion.

The BrandZ Top 100 ranking identifies the dollar value of brands. It does this by combining financial data with research on consumers and business-to-business users from BrandZ, the world's largest annual brand equity study.

Eight of the Top 10 most valuable global brands are North American-based, and when looking at brand value by region, Wal-Mart takes the ninth position and BlackBerry is number 10 within North America.

North American - Top 10 by Brand Value

# BRAND                 BRAND VALUE $ (millions)
1) Google                  $100,039
2) Microsoft              $76,249
3) Coca-Cola            $67,625
4) IBM                      $66,622
5) McDonald's           $66,575
6) Apple                    $63,113
7) GE                        $59,793
8) Marlboro               $49,460
9) Wal-Mart              $41,083
10) BlackBerry          $27,478

There are 15 new brands entering the ranking this year. Pampers is the highest entrant at no. 31, followed by Nintendo (no.32) and VISA (no.36). Trends identified from this year's rankings are:

Value - Brands that represent good value for money have done well. This is about quality as much as price, for example Wal-Mart is up (+19 percent), ALDI (+49 percent), and Auchan, a European retail chain, (+48 percent), while H&M (+8 percent) is now the number one apparel brand.

Vice - People still reward themselves with small indulgences when money is tight. Brands such as McDonald's (+34 percent), Marlboro (+33 percent) and Budweiser (+23 percent) have all done well.

At Home - Brands that can be experienced at home have also shown strong growth. This includes home shopping: Amazon (+85 percent) and eBay (+16 percent); Coffee that can be prepared at home: Nespresso (+27 percent) and Nescafe (+23 percent); and gaming - Nintendo entered the ranking for the first time at no. 32.

Wireless - The increased popularity of accessing the Internet through portable devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry has led to huge increases for the mobile operators category as a whole, driven by demand for data services. Vodafone enters the top 10 this year (+45 percent).

The complete BrandZ ranking, including regional and category breakdowns, is available online. Click here.
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