Top 20 Software Vendors in Retail Technology

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Top 20 Software Vendors in Retail Technology

By Joe Skorupa - 12/03/2013
By Joe Skorupa

To compete more effectively in 2014 retailers will need trusted vendors to help them achieve their goals, but which vendors can they trust? The 2013 RIS Software LeaderBoard will help narrow the search. This must-read annual report, now in its 13th year, highlights all the major retail technology vendors in head-to-head comparisons based on customer satisfaction scores. Find out how SAP, Epicor, MicroStrategy, Microsoft, IBM, NCR, JDA, SAS and others ranked among the top 20 software vendors in retail.

The internal demands on the retail IT department are escalating the need for retailers to find strong technology vendors. Many retailers are actually upping the ante by consolidating infrastructure, applications and platforms in a bid to partner with fewer technology partners but rely on them more.

At the same time, internal business units are demanding that technology is deployed at unprecedented speeds, and this, too, is having an impact on the retailer-vendor relationship — more reliance, more trust.

In the face of these forces – and others, too, including competitive pressures and technology-enabled shoppers – the typical approach to technology selection, deployment, return on investment, and post-deployment costs is changing.

Crowd Sourcing

To help retailers cope with the change, the RIS Software LeaderBoard lists vendors in a reader-friendly head to-head ranking. The underlying strength of the LeaderBoard is the emphasis it places on customer satisfaction and the bullet-proof independence of the data it uses to determine scores.

By definition, customer satisfaction is subjective, so it is imperative that the Software LeaderBoard has a deep pool of respondents. This year's survey includes responses by 376 retailers (up 18.9% over last year) who submitted 975 evaluations (up 22.2% over last year). The depth of the respondent pool means that customer satisfaction scores are based on rock-solid data to ensure confidence and reliability.

The bullet-proof independence of data is guaranteed by using an independent research firm, Litchfield Research, to gather all the data. After approving the mailing list to ensure no one except retailers is invited to respond, Litchfield manages the entire data collection process and sends a final report to RIS at the end of the project. This wall of separation is a hallmark of the report's integrity.

The top-20 master list includes results from the full unsorted, unfiltered data set that is collected for the survey. All vendors that appear on the list are truly retail technology's best of the best. That is true because they made the top-20 list out of 87 vendors who received votes. To put this into perspective, number 20 on the list has 67 vendors below it who rank lower. Here are this year's top 20 retail software vendors.

1   QuantiSense (Tied)
1   MicroStrategy (Tied)
1   ECRS (Tied)
2   MI9
3   Oracle
4   SAP
5   Micros Retail
6   Celerant Technology
7   Epicor
8   JDS Solutions
9   NCR (Retalix)
10 Cegid
11 Manthan Systems
12 Manhattan Associates
13 MID Retail
14 PCMS Datafit
15 Magstar (Tied)
15 Raymark (Tied)
16 Reflexis Systems
17 Teradata
18 UTC Retail
19 Jesta I.S.
20 Kronos

As retailers make plans to compete more effectively in 2014 and beyond they will need trusted vendor partners to help them achieve their goals. The RIS Software LeaderBoard can help retailers narrow their search and find the vendor partners they can trust.

Click here to download the complete report.

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