Top 25 Online Retailers: Amazon, Walmart, Target Lead List

12/28/2009 reigns supreme as the number one online retailer drawing more than 76,000,000 total shoppers to its Web site in November 2009. The ranking of top-25 online retailers from Compete also posts Walmart (more than 51,000,000 total shoppers) and Target (more than 42,000,000 total shoppers) as the number two and three online retailers (respectively). Rounding out the top five list are Best Buy (more than 29,000,000 total shoppers) and Sears (more than 22,000,000 total shoppers).

Toys 'R' Us experienced the largest month over month change, posting a 78.7% growth during this period. The only retailer on the top-25 list to experience negative growth month-over-month is which posted a 5.5% drop during this time.

Staples posted the largest growth year-over-year after experiencing 71.6% growth for the 12-month period. Other retailers that post the largest growth include,,, and - all of which grew in excess of 40% in the past year.

Out of the top 25 retailers, only has decreased since last year, shrinking almost 9%. It is highly likely that any retailers posting negative drops year-over-year will likely fall off the overall top-25 list in coming months.

Total shopper figures for the top-25 retailers are shown below:

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