Top 25 Richest Retail Executives

It is good to be a Walton. In the annual Forbes 400, a ranking of the 400 richest Americans, four of the top 10 finishers were members of the iconic retail family. The family that founded Walmart sits atop the list with the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett as the most affluent and powerful in the country.

Joining the Waltons, among the first 25 retail executives to crack the top 400, are executives from Amazon, Nike, Sears, Home Depot and others.

The minimum amount of wealth an individual needed to possess to make the 400-billionaire-strong list was $1.55 billion, up from $1.3 billion last year. Bullish stock performance over the past year is credited with the significant rise in total aggregate wealth among the 400 tycoons on the list — $2.29 trillion, up $270 billion from a year ago. The average net worth of list members is $5.7 billion.

The entire list is available here, but a quick glimpse of the top 25 retail executives that made the list and their corresponding wealth follows.  

#1 Christy Walton & Family, Walmart, $38 billion
#2 Jim Walton, Walmart, $36.6 billion
#3 Alice Walton, Walmart $35.2 billion
#4 S. Robson Walton, Walmart, $35.2 billion
#5 Jeff Bezos, Amazon, $30.5 billion
#6 Phil Knight, Nike, $21.5 billion
#7 Charles Butt & Family, HE Butt Supermarkets, $9.9 billion
#8 John Menard Jr., Menards Hardware, $8.4 billion
#9 Leonard Lauder, Estee Lauder, $8.2 billion
#10 Hank & Doug Meijer, Meijer Supermarkets, $8.1 billion
#11 Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren, $7.6 billion
#12 Pierre Omidyar, eBay, $7.6 billion
#13 Leslie Wexner, Victoria's Secret, $6.5 billion
#14 Richard DeVos, Amway, $6.2 billion
#15 Jin Sook & Do Won Chang, Fashion 21, $5.2 billion
#16 Ann Walton Kroenke, Walmart, $5 billion
#17 David Green, Hobby Lobby, $5 billion
#18 Bruce Halle, Discount Tire Company, $4.8 billion
#19 John Morris, Bass Pro Shops, $4.5 billion
#20 Nancy Walton Laurie, Walmart, $4.2 billion
#21 Ronald Lauder, Estee Lauder, $3.8 billion
#22 Jeffrey Skoll, eBay, $3.8 billion
#23 Edward Lampert, Sears, $3.5 billion
#24 Tom & Judy Love, Love's Travel Shops & County Stores, $3.3 billion
#25 Bernard Marcus, Home Depot, $3.2 billion

This is the 33rd year of the Forbes 400. Forbes interviewed executive's employees, handlers, rivals, peers and attorneys and read thousands of SEC documents, court records, probate records, federal financial disclosures, and web and print stories to come up with the final numbers. All types of assets were taken into account: stakes in public and private companies, real estate, art, yachts, planes, ranches, vineyards, jewelry, car collections and more.