Top 5 Retail Tech Trends Videos

We all know technology is "cool" and that the more you get your hands on, the more you want. This is especially true for retailers and consumers alike. For retailers, it's about connecting and gaining information to better serve consumers. For consumers, it's all about better service. Retailers must modernize and respond to industry and consumer trends by deploying new technologies.
Here are five videos on retail technology trends and tactics to reach shoppers that are worth watching. The videos selected here have been recently posted and most (not all) were uploaded within a few weeks. So, in no particular order here are my picks for the best five videos about retail tech trends and tactics currently on the Web.
  1. The Container Store Mobile App Platform Customer Testimonial
    Store leadership dashboards are available for The Container Store via a mobile app platform called "The Score" to help the retailer execute its BI strategy.
  1. Solving Big Retail Challenges with Big Data
    Sears Holdings' stakes a claim on the leading edge of big data by embedding Hadoop technology and skillsets throughout the enterprise to reduce inventory, lower costs and boost sales.
  1. Key Big Data Trends in Retail
    How do retailers get their arms around the exponential growth of data today? The ability for a retailer to have instantaneous interaction across the enterprise and with the customer is a high priority.
  1. Cartwheel by Target
    Target puts a new spin on savings by launching a mobile coupons and deals for customers. Through the app customers can share deals via social media, activate deals at checkout and more.
  1. Retailers Using Technology to Reach Shoppers
    Bloomberg provides a report on how retailers are using technology in the push to communicate with customers as well as the transition from e-commerce to e-influence as shoppers turn to mobile.
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