Top 5 Strategies to Watch From the 2019 Store Experience Study



Growth and optimism are taking shape in a year characterized by aggressive plans for digital transformation, experiential retailing and game-changing innovation. In this webinar, the top 5 strategies to watch from the retail industry’s first benchmark technology study will be examined.

One big takeaway from the Store Experience Study is that credit for the year’s biggest success stories goes to retailers that took aggressive steps to leap ahead of the market with bold initiatives, many of which had no proven path to success until they were tested and launched.

Other major takeaways include:

  • Top strategic priorities for 2019 that retailers will to adopt to guide their investments
  • Top emerging technologies retailers will test and use in the marketplace
  • How personalizing the customer journey will transform the store
  • Computer vision, AI, machine learning, IoT, fast fulfillment, cashierless checkout and more!

Join this webinar to get a pulse on the competitive landscape and solidify your 2019 store experience plans.




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