Top 5 Strategies to Watch Over the Next 12 Months


The “Top 5 Strategies to Watch from the 2019 Store Experience Study,” webinar provides highlights and key takeaways from the “16th Annual Store Experience Study 2019: Doubling Down on Transformation.” Presented and sponsored by Infor Retail and hosted by RIS News, it features industry experts Lee Holman, lead retail analyst at IHL Group, and David Dorf, vice president of product strategy, Infor Retail. It is moderated by Joe Skorupa, editorial director at RIS News.

The webinar discusses cutting edge technology strategies like AI, machine learning and the IoT and takes a close look at new mobile POS technologies and self-scanning checkout apps. It examines changes in IT budgets and retailers’ time lines for implementing new store technologies. Last mile profitability models are discussed as well.

The “16th Annual Store Experience Study 2019: Doubling Down on Transformation” is a collaborative effort by RIS News and research partner IHL Group. It is based on a survey of retail executives across multiple channels whose annual revenues range from less than $500 million to $1 billion-plus.

The full transcript is below as well as the slides from the presentation.

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