Top and Bottom 5 Retail Mobile Apps

Consumer rankings of retailer mobile apps reveal warm feelings about those that help with everyday basics like health care and impatience with those lacking desired features or strongly subject to technical problems like crashes.

The study of consumer attitudes about apps from the top 100 retailers by Xtreme Labs found those from drugstore chains CVS and Walgreens among the top five. CVS, which is available on both the Android and Apple iOS platforms, received the highest percentage of favorable ratings (90% and 82% respectively), and in a tie with Google's (available on Android only) 90% ranking.

Several verticals are represented among the lowest-ranked apps, including department stores (Kohl's), mass merchants (Meijer), home furnishings/housewares (Bed Bath & Beyond) and supermarkets (Giant Eagle). This diversity accords with the key reasons for negative feedback: lack of features, too-frequent crashes and poor app design.

Following are the five highest-rated and lowest-rated retail mobile apps as identified by Xtreme Labs:

Five Highest-Rated Retail Mobile Apps


CVS Caremark            90% (Android), 82% (iOS)
Amazon                       90% (Android)
Nordstrom                   85% (Android)
Walgreens                   82% (iOS)
IKEA                          71% (iOS)

Five Lowest-Rated Retail Mobile Apps


Kohl's                          83% (iOS), 52% (Android)
Michael's Stores          74% (iOS)
Bed Bath & Beyond   74% (iOS)
Giant Eagle                 70% (iOS), 48% (Android)
Meijer                          57% (Android)

Xtreme Labs conducted its retail apps research in January 2013, using the STORES magazine list of top 100 retailers and tabulating publicly available ratings in both the Apple App Store and Google Play along with top complaints based on user comments. Rankings are based both on average ratings (from one to five stars) and the percentage of favorable (or unfavorable) ratings each app received.

NOTE: Because U.S. Android device users outnumber iOS device users (62 million versus 36 million), RIS used three Android and two iOS rankings to create its Top and Bottom 5 listings. When a retailer's app is available on both platforms, percentages of positive (or negative) rankings for both platforms are listed.

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