TOPSHOP, Miss Selfridge Enter China With ShangPin Partnership

8/14/2014, China's first online multi-brand retailer of designer and contemporary fashion, has signed an agreement with Arcadia Group Ltd to be its first online partner in China. Both the TOPSHOP and Miss Selfridge brands will launch on the site from September 2014.
David Zhao, CEO of ShangPin, noted, "In the last 2 years, we have been building China's most 'fashionable online customer database and being online means we have our finger on the pulse of what the consumer needs. China's new fashion consumers are in their 20s-30s and are moving away from big logos to being fashion forward and wanting to express their individuality through mixing and matching styles and brands."
"The Arcadia Group Ltd's portfolio of fashion brands is perfectly suited to ShangPin's customer base and we are thrilled to be bringing both TOPSHOP and Miss Selfridge into China with their respective brand DNAs. They are already successful international retailers who have made their mark on the British high street as well as with partners around the globe and I am confident they will do well in China. We plan to deliver the most current fashion trends into 400 cities across China to dress a new generation of fashion lovers."
Sir Philip Green said, "We decided to partner with ShangPin in China because they demonstrated to us their capacity to operate brands and understand marketing and brand building.  As we continue to grow our global expansion, this will be a step forward using the power of China's online reach and therefore selling into one of the world's most exciting consumer markets."
ShangPin's new Styling and social Marketing Platform
Chinese residents born in the '80s and '90s can spend up to 30 percent of their day online or on mobile and the influence of social media in China is unmatched anywhere in the world.
In September, ShangPin will be unveiling a new Styling & Social Marketing Platform on its website as a value added service offered to brands.
M. Claire Chung, vice president of international business development added, "We plan to style up to 1000 looks per month using all brands. These "looks" can then be shared across all Chinese social media including Weibo, WeChat, and QQ. With TOPSHOP and Miss Selfridge, we will be able to show the customer how to mix and match the styles alongside designer brands.  We launched our mobile app last year and have already seen 40 percent of sales transacted on mobile.

"ShangPin's investment in the Styling Platform shows our commitment to our brand partners not only to drive sales but to utilize ShangPin as a branding platform where customers can connect and share," she continued. "This is the digital savvy new generation all brands must target for their next 20 years of growth along with the rise of the "fashion aware" middle class in China. It is an exciting moment for fashion in China."
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