Tory Burch Gives Execs, Managers Store Ops App for iPad

Luxury lifestyle brand Tory Burch has created a store operations iPad app built on the MicroStrategy mobile platform. The company partnered with Southport Services Group to build and deploy the app.

The application helps Tory Burch executives and store managers to analyze sales trends and track performance at the store, product and sales associate levels. The application analyzes detailed transaction-level data in near real-time to deliver personalized reports and dashboards to Tory Burch business users. The application can be accessed via a branded mobile application on the iPad or a set of customized dashboards via the web.

Tory Burch teamed with Southport Services Group, a MicroStrategy solution provider, to design and build the application based on Southport's deep expertise and proven track record with MicroStrategy's enterprise software platform. "We had a very clear vision of the information we wanted our field leaders to have access to as well as the way they should be able to view, manipulate and analyze sales, product and sales associate data," said Matt Marcotte, senior vice president, retail, Tory Burch. "The concepts of access, mobility and intuitive interface were elements that were crucialto us and the partnership with Southport helped us to realize our vision and create something unique in the industry and most importantly, easily adopted and useful to our leaders.

"MicroStrategy's technology, combined with Southport's expertise, has allowed us to provide our store managers and executives with visibility into store performance that had previously been unavailable." said Mike Giresi, CIO, Tory Burch. "As a result, our store managers are able to make timely adjustments to improve store performance."

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