Town Shoes, Peter Harris Clothes Upgrade With Jesta I.S.

Jesta I.S. Inc. reports that Peter Harris Clothes / Label Shopper Stores and Town Shoes Limited are using the company's software solutions throughout their enterprises.

Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Latham, NY, Peter Harris Clothes / Label Shopper Stores continues to grow their footprint across the United States. In order to support their expansion plans in 2014, the need for a powerful software suite became imperative. The Jesta I.S. Vision Merchandising (retail), Vision POS, and Vision Financials solutions will equip Peter Harris Clothes / Label Shopper Stores with the necessary state-of-the-art tools to merchandise their goods effectively, while ensuring an enhanced in-store customer experience.

The Jesta I.S. retail suite will empower Peter Harris Clothes / Label Shopper Stores to consistently deliver the right merchandise to the right stores and, most importantly, at the right time.

Peter Elitzer, President and CEO of Peter Harris Clothes and Label Shopper stated, "After extensive research and due diligence, we found Jesta I.S.'s retail solution to be the strongest in sales analysis. We especially liked what Jesta offered with their algorithms. After all, it's about getting the right merchandise to the right stores, not only based on historical data, but on-hand merchandise as well."

Town Shoes Limited is upgrading its Point of Sale and Merchandising systems with the Jesta I.S. Vision Solutions in its network of close to 200 stores across Canada.

Headquartered in Toronto, Town Shoes Limited has experienced significant growth over the years. To sustain its expanding operations as well as support its customers, the company needed to align its head office merchandising applications to its store POS systems, in-store customer experience capabilities, and in-store infrastructure. Town Shows Limited selected Jesta I.S.'s Vision Merchandising, Vision BI, Vision POS, and Vision Mobile ERP solutions.

Jesta I.S. has been Town Shoes Limited's ERP software partner since 2000 and has consistently been at the forefront of its IT strategies. Therefore, it was natural for the two parties to extend their relationship into this new growth phase.

With the upgraded suite of solutions, Town Shoes Limited will be able to modernize its supply chain and deliver the right products to its customers, faster than ever before. New analytics, including POS data, will provide real-time information for store modeling, size profiling and inventory balancing to ensure the right product is in the right store at the right time. Finally, with a state-of-the-art order fulfillment for eCommerce, the client experience will be consistent, seamless, and streamlined both in store and online.

"We have experienced good growth for all our banners so we felt it was imperative for us to ensure our strategic IT infrastructure was aligned to sustain and support our projected business growth. We decided to extend our partnership with Jesta I.S. because they have been a partner that truly understands our business and has been investing in innovative product features that align with our future strategic business and IT goals," stated BJ Morden, senior director I.T. eCommerce & customer service, from Town Shoes Limited.
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