Toys "R" Us Gets Jump-Start on Holiday Competition with Christmas Savers Club

Holiday shopping may be a long way off, but Toys "R" Us is already vying for holiday shopping spend with the launch of its Christmas Savers Club. The program aims to encourage shoppers to start planning early for the holiday season by setting aside money for purchases beginning this summer.

Shoppers can sign up for the Christmas Savers Club in-store or online. Early members of the program that join before October 16 gain additional incentives such as a 3 percent added bonus to the total amount they save by October 31. The cards can then be used on purchases starting October 31 at both Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us stores or on its Web sites.

"Through our Christmas Savers Club, parents and gift-givers can better plan their holiday spending well in advance of the season, while we provide them with a convenient, effortless way to budget," said Greg Ahearn, senior vice president for marketing and e-commerce of Toys R Us, in a statement.
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