Toys 'R' Us Hits $1B in Web Sales

Toys 'R' Us has hit $1 billion in annual Web sales for the fiscal year ending January 28, 2012. E-commerce increased 27.9% from $782 million last year, accounting for 7.2% of total sales. Net sales, however, decreased 9.6% from $167 million to $151 million.
"During the year we further invested in and strengthened our omni-channel and Internet capabilities, providing increased speed and multiple ways by which customers can now order and receive products," said Jerry Storch, CEO for Toys 'R' Us in a statement. "We are also pleased with the performance of our international segment, where we are implementing our expansion strategy and broadening our reach in emerging economies that are experiencing growth and rising incomes."
The company expects to reach $1.6 billion in Web sales by 2016. Over the last several years, Toys 'R' Us has purchased e-commerce companies such as and and now sells online at,,, and

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